In the last 8 years, I learned a lot about founding ventures. Minimal financial resources led me to efficiency and creativity. Challenging market validation made my mindset agile & lean thoroughly. And failures thought me valuable learnings.

Fields of expertise

Investment and public funding

From the early beginning, a startup project should be an investment case to attract money by business angels and VCs. I help finding such a scalable business model. In Austria we luckily have very good financial support from the government. I collected a broad knowledge about public grants and subsidies from AplusB, AWS, FFG and WA.

Corporate innovation and disruption

It is all about “disruption” instead of performance optimization. Corporate innovation should focus on inventing disruptive new solutions which often need an independent environment. “Company building” founds spin-offs  which help overcome internal obstacles and ensure that the new idea will not trickle away in bureaucracy or hierarchy.

Translation to developers' language

Developers usually speak another language than management and sales. Developers should not work on technical tasks, they should understand the customers’ needs clearly and implement market-oriented user stories. So far I made some mistakes and collected valuable learnings how to structure a tech team and how to make the product’s vision tangible for them.

Services I offer

Venture Architect

We take your ideas or just your problems and evaluate solutions. There are several steps ahead: 

  • (Ideation &) Evaluation
  • Prototyp 1, 2 and/or 3
  • Product v1 Implementation
  • Foundation (& Staffing)


It is very valuable to get a view from outside on a regular basis. Choose a topic:

  • Investment case (model)
  • Public funding (grants)
  • Investments (Angels or VCs)
  • Team building (Dev <> Biz)


In a workshop with your product managers and engineering leads, we will discuss best practices how to communicate between the 2 worlds.

We will create a Powerpoint  (pptx) template for you for future presentations with your teams.

About me

  • Florian Bräuer
  • Entrepreneur and developer
  • Bridging the tech and biz world
  • Chasing purpose and impact

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.

– David & Tom Kelley, the inventors of the mouse icon