While taking on the startup-founder rollercoaster and getting an expert of two worlds, I developed a fast understanding of environments and conditions, which turn ideas and projects into success or failure. Now I want to help others do it right.

Fields of interest

Remote-first team leadership

Our governments talk a lot about shortage of skilled workers and at the same time society is afraid of migration issues. I thought about breaking up with this geographical limits and see the world as a global workspace with all its talents living in foreign places. It is not about recruiting cheap workers. It is all about attracting global talents. Digital leadership can work out if done right. Better not try it with existing (mixed) teams, but create new remote-first or even remote-only teams to give it a try.

Work/life balance and family time

Entrepreneurs tend to work 24/7 for their ideas. I did this as well and a luckily I stead healthy although my family and ex-girlfriend suffered from my lifestyle. If you give 110% all the time then you will run into a burnout or – far more often – a founder-clash. Enjoy every little moments along the exhausting startup journey.

I founded 110p because I believe that only together with like-minded people which extend your own abilities, you could/should reach 110%.

Future of work and culture books

There is a big mindset shift coming soon in our society. New generations already strive for fulfillment and self-realization instead of career and growth. Every generation had its goals, but after the generation Y [why], there is a new mentality on the rise. The goal is to find happiness, empower diversity and protect (and reconstruct) the environment.

Corporates need to get purpose-driven and write culture books and rethink structures and processes.

Services I offer


I would love to take part in your talk and discuss or just spread the word.

  • Location-flexibility
  • Work-life balance & family time
  • Future of work
  • Holacracy

Culture book

I will write a culture book for you to get your vision and mission to every employee. We will start with a workshop (online or in your office) to define your goal and purpose.

After 2 weeks you will get the document for spreading.

About me

  • Florian Bräuer
  • Entrepreneur and developer
  • Bridging the tech and biz world
  • Chasing purpose and impact

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

– Bill Gates

Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail you'll land among the stars.

– Norman Vincent Peale